Craft Cash

Craft Cash Days! Friday and Saturday, November 26-27, 2021

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

Craft Cash is one of our favorite in-store promotions that happens just a few times each year! On a Craft Cash day, you'll earn Craft Cash equal to 10% of your total purchase amount for any purchase of $10 or more! Craft Cash can be used during a specific time period in the future...typically good for about 1 month! Spend $75.20 on a Craft Cash day and you will get Craft Cash for $7.52 that you can use as cash during a future in-store visit!

Craft Cash earned on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday 2021 can be used all month long in December 2021!

Craft Cash Sample

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Craft Cash expire?

Craft Cash is good for a specific time period which is typically about 1 month in duration. You must use it during the time period.

I lost my Craft Cash card. Can I get a replacement?

Unfortunately we do not track Craft Cash cards issued and do not have any way to replace your card.

Can I give my Craft Cash to someone else?

Absolutely! Anyone can use your Craft Cash!

Do I earn Craft Cash on every item I purchase?

If it is a Craft Cash day and as long as you spend at least $10, you earn Craft Cash on every purchase...items that are on sale, discounted, or even items purchased by Gift Cards...or even if it happens to be purchases that are made with Craft Cash previously earned!

What happens if I return something for a refund that was purchased on a Craft Cash day?

If you return an item that is eligible for return and the item was purchased on a Craft Cash day, we will reduce the refund by 10% since we do not have the ability to reduce or invalidate the Craft Cash card.