Cricut Standard Grip Mat 12X24 (2 PK)

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Elevate your crafting precision with the Cricut Standard Grip Mat 12X24 (2 PK). Tailored for use with Cricut cutting machines, these mats offer a reliable and adhesive surface to secure materials during intricate projects. The set of two mats provides extended workspace, ideal for larger crafting endeavors.

Key Features:

  • Set of two Cricut Standard Grip Mats (12X24)
  • Compatible with Cricut cutting machines
  • Ensures a secure grip for materials during cutting
  • Perfect for larger crafting projects
  • 12X24 size provides ample space for extended designs

Achieve precision and excellence in your Cricut projects with these durable and reliable Standard Grip Mats. Whether you're working on extensive designs or multiple projects, this set of mats is essential for expanding your crafting possibilities.