FashionFlex® Heat-Sensitive HTV

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Heat it up with FashionFlex® Heat-Sensitive!

FashionFlex® Heat-Sensitive is a brand new heat sensitive product.  Color changes to white when exposed to heat, like when you touch it with your hand! FashionFlex® Heat-Sensitive has a full matte finish and a soft feel, much like ThermoFlex® Plus.  Easy to cut and weed and comes on a slightly sticky carrier.

Acceptable Fabrics:  Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends

Special Precautions:  Does not stretch.  Store away from UV rays and heat. Store in opaque bag when not in use, otherwise a permanent color shift may occur. 

*Not suitable for Nylon Fabrics.

  • Temp:  300 degrees.
  • Pressure:  Medium, even for 8 - 12 seconds.
  • Peel:  Warm
  • Care:  Wait 24 hours before first wash.  Wash inside out, cool water, gentle cycle. Tumble dry.