Engraving Tip and Housing

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Brand: NestOne

Color: Engraving Tip with Housing


  • PERFECT FOR MAKERS – NestOne engraving tip and housing are perfect for Cricut Maker machines. This tool set is not for Explorers.
  • THE WHOLE SET – It includes an engraving tip and a Quick Swap housing.
  • SMOOTH and ACCURATE – It is made from premium carbide steel and is competent for professional-looking results of different occasions, from dog tags, nameplates, inscribed art and decor, jewelry to monograms, wood carvings, and keepsakes.
  • WORK on A VARIETY of MATERIALS – It can engrave permanent designs on materials such as soft metals, leather, acrylic, wood, plastic, anodized aluminum, and more.
  • A proud member of the NestOne family – Excellent customer experience and no questions return policy with no hassle.

model number: 41

Part Number: 41

Details: Other things to know before using Engraving Tip:

NestOne Engraving Tip and Housing are compatible only with Cricut Maker.

As you load the tool into the machine, do not press the button on top of the housing. Doing so may cause the tip to release.

To mitigate wear, the tool will lift and rotate for several seconds periodically during engraving. This is normal.

Engraving tip is sharp! Use caution when handling materials after engraving. The process can leave burrs and small fragments on metal surfaces and other materials.

               Do not run your hands or fingers over the engraved surface
               To remove burrs and small fragments, use a lint roller or piece of tape over the engraved area

To smooth rough edges, use a polishing cloth or finishing grit sand paper (360-600 grit) to gently sand them down.

               Test the back of the material first to make sure it doesn't scratch the material

To remove any remnant dust or debris from your machine, use compressed air or a soft cloth. Always dust toward the outside of the machine rather than into/through the machine.

Before working with tooling leather, use a damp sponge to soften the fibers for the best engraved results.

Adult supervision recommended.

Note: Our brand is NestOne, not Cricut. Yet our goal is to provide same or better user experience.

EAN: 0751433167456

Package Dimensions: 5.2 x 4.4 x 0.9 inches