Untippable Vinyl Weeding Scrap Collector

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Brand: tweexy

Color: Unicorn


  • WEED MORE VINYL FASTER. The stationary Tweexy large collector for your weeded vinyl will become a staple in your process. With a larger than standard collector diameter, you’ll be able to finish multiple projects without removing the scraps. Paired with smartgrip technology, the hinge on the large collector gives you a wide range of adjustment to get comfortable with your Tweexy Hinge Weeding Vinyl Scrap Collector
  • SMARTGRIP TECHNOLOGY. The suctioned base that takes on the form of whatever it is stuck to, it won’t move. You’ll find yourself astonished at its will to stay put pulling and pushing with your vinyl weeding tool. Even though it’s stuck and stable, to remove the large collector from the table, just pull straight up, and it’ll magically lift off any surface easily.
  • ADJUST TO YOUR COMFORT. The standard craft weeding tool vinyl collector hinge gives you the ability to adjust to your comfort position. It also makes it easier for two or more to enjoy weeding vinyl together. There’s no adhesive residue stuck on the table from random scraps when you’re stuck with Hinge.
  • INNOVATIVE VINYL COLLECTOR. As you swiftly tackle a project, you'll be fully prepared no matter how big the project is. The Tweexy suction weeding scrap collector provides a substantial container for two-handed precision, which greatly enhances your productivity.
  • UNBREAKABLE SILICONE. The solid base is topped with a silicone large collector hood that is practically unbreakable. Fitting scraps into larger balls for easy removal, the anti-stick silicone makes taking scraps off of your weeding vinyl accessories effortless.

Details: The Tweexy Hinge Scrap Collector takes weeding vinyl to the next level of precision and capability. It sits strong & fastened to any surface you place it on with a suction-tight gripping base. Pull-n-push side to side and it won’t budge, but with smartgrip technology it grips when knocked into, but lifts upward with ease like magic. The silicone standard sized scrap collector creates a clean and anti-stick depository for your vinyl as you go. Once you put scraps into the vinyl collector, it starts to collect together into a ball for easy removal. The hinge that moves back and forth, while it’s suctioned, can be adjusted to any comfort position for a faster flow. Use it with a friend on one big project or see who can do each of their own the fastest. Either way, as you weed vinyl, your standard vinyl scrap collector is stuck with you until you lift it up and off the table.

EAN: 0850022976810

Package Dimensions: 4.0 x 3.3 x 3.3 inches